[techtalk] Differences between linux distributions

Robert Kiesling kiesling at mainmatter.com
Mon Feb 21 14:43:57 EST 2000

Bad Mojo <mojo at rps.net> wrote:

> <My View>
> The same thing isn't happening to Linux. While I can't run a Solaris
> binary on an AIX machine, I can run a RedHat binary on a Suse machine. And
> besides, the previous fragmentation wasn't bad. The problem was each
> vendor tied the software directly to a proprietary hardware platform.
> Original UNIX was seen by IBM, DEC, SUN, etc asa way to sell hardware, not
> as a good OS. So I don't see a problem yet.
> </My View>

True.  But AIX, SunOS, and so on and on, all were designed to run
on different hardware platforms.  The platform-independence was 
what IBM's Rexx was supposed to have done, or Java now... Linux
of course has the advantage that all of the significant source
code is available and the compilers are free.

> > It appears to be hidden forces that want to make things so complicated
> > that they don't work anymore...
> Gravity?


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