[techtalk] X Mail client recommendations

Karolina Lindqvist pgd at algonet.se
Sat Feb 19 11:47:23 EST 2000

Telsa Gwynne wrote:

> I love it. But when looking about for new mailers, so many people ask
> "X-based" that I wonder: what am I missing? The ability for pictures
> to be displayed inside emails (as opposed to next to them, in mutt,
> sometimes)? A little diagram of my inbox with icons? What?

Isn't "looking nice" a good enough reason? I feel that nice looks is as
good a reason as any. But I prefer a program that does what I want
to do good, and dispenses with all the bells and whistles.

For me programming is more like an art form, rather than technology.
Some kind of abstract art form that also does something useful.

In any case, I currently feel frustrated after having downloaded every
X mail program I can find, and nothing appears to be able to do the
job of keeping track of my mail. So far I have found netscape mail to
be the least evil, but I am really not in love with that program either.

Well, I used to run netscape on windows, and had 100MB of saved mail.
At least the linux version was the easiest path to continue to read my
mail. Now I am just looking for something that I can store my mail in,
and index it, something similar to lotus notes. (Which I thus used for
mail storage. I didn't really care for what more that program could

So now I tested every new program on one of my old 20MB mail boxes,
and not a single one did not choke on it, or was able to present one
of them in a reasonable way. They all did worse than netscape.

-- Karolina

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