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> At 23:47 2000-02-17 -0500, you wrote:
> >Up till now, I've stayed with MS Outlook Express because of laziness (and
> >several hundred MB of stored messages). Some recent problems with it have
> >sent me looking for a decent X-based mail client. I'm looking for:


> >    * And, for bonus points, is threaded.
> Hmm, another Good Thing would be one that allows the user to write mail
> while checking; to check mail while reading, etc etc.. is that what
> threaded means or does threaded refer to that you can see which mails were
> in reply to which?

I intended the second sense, the ability to display messages ordered by
subject, then order of appearance.

As I understand it, multi-threading isn't terribly popular in an OS (e.g.
Linux) that spawns processes at the drop of a hat. On more drain bead OSes,
where more than one process at a time is a near impossibility for any single
application, multi-threading makes a lot of sense.

I'm really a high level person, so I don't understand more than the dregs
I've managed to glean from documentation, but I understand that in some
applications at least (Apache springs to mind), there is movement toward
multi-threading on Unices because of the efficiencies that can be achieved
in certain circumstances.
Dan McGarry

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