[techtalk] X Mail client recommendations

Rik Hemsley rik at kde.org
Fri Feb 18 11:41:30 EST 2000

#if Sunnanvind
> Hmm, another Good Thing would be one that allows the user to write mail
> while checking; to check mail while reading, etc etc.. is that what
> threaded means or does threaded refer to that you can see which mails were
> in reply to which?
> Sunnan

Empath does both :) Actually, it's not currently multithreaded, but
it doesn't need to be. The architectures of Empath and KDE are such
that you don't need to use threads to do asynchronous operations.

When you load Empath, it syncs with all your folders in the background.
Then when you click on a message, it retrieves it in the background.
It does everything that may block in the background. I hate a UI
that stalls.


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