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The  question still remains: If your name was misspelled and the government
thought you were female...Would you have to go through genetic testing (like
I had to) in order to prove you were male...or would your word be


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		Hey All,
		  Even if you could dispose of gender why would you want to?
It seems to
		me that in terms of dealing with each other as human beings
that gender
		plays an important part. Men and women have different ways
		communicating their points. It has often been my experience
that getting
		a 'women's point of view' has allowed me to look at things
in a way that
		would not have occured to me before. That in itself could be
		'gender indifferent' but I definetely believe that its
understanding and
		acceptance of others ideas whether gender related or not
that will help.

		On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Davida Schiff wrote:

		> Unfortunately gender does matter. In 1972 I received a
draft notice to go to
		> Viet Nam (lucky lottery winner...lol). Seems they
misspelled my name. Being
		> (obviously) female did not matter and I had to have a
genetic work up done
		> to prove that  I was indeed a  female. My birth
certificate was not accepted
		> either. So much for living in this mans' world.
		> Davida

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