[techtalk] 1st time adding a modem to linux.

Caitlyn M. Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Sun Feb 13 14:03:58 EST 2000


Y'all might want to check out:



> ...And if it is indeed a WinModem that you are SOL.
> They are completely incompatible with Linux....
> This is not technically completely correct.  There are a couple of programs
> out there that enable the software modems undr Linux.  Then only problem
> with them is...1) they eat so much processing power it bogs the machine
> 2)they are a royal pain in the behind to config
> Possibly, eventually, someone will come up with a way to efficiently add a
> winmodem to Linux.  (IMHO hardware modems will ALWAYS be much better)....USR
> all the way!
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