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Rik Hemsley rik at kde.org
Thu Feb 10 02:11:57 EST 2000

#if Dan Nguyen
> [...] 
> Unfortunately reading the info and man pages to learn \LaTeX{} is like
> trying to read them to learn C.  The are very terse and technical.
> Like one of the other messages said www.tug.org has lots of useful
> introductory documents.  One of the guy's at my LUG has an
> introduction to Word Processing on his website [www.msu.edu/~pfaffben/
> (it's near the bottom)] which he discusses various alternatives to
> word processing.  It's not a good tutorial, but nice reading anyways.

You could of course use LyX, which is an excellent word-processing
tool that produces LaTeX output and forces you to keep within the
standard imposed by the document type you're editing.


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