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On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Rik Hemsley wrote:

> #if Sunnanvind
> > I haven't tried Konquerer yet, but it seems from this that it's only drawback
> > is the ugly name :) and that I really like the gtk widgets that light up when
> > you move the mouse over it.
> Hehe, well if you want widgets that 'light up' when you move the mouse
> over them, just try out some KDE theming. Widget themes are now solid
> and pretty in KDE. They're also incredibly fast. Our X guru Mosfet has
> done some excellent work with them. They also don't make your X server
> leak memory. Compare themed KDE widgets with themed GTK widgets to see
> the speed difference.
> On my (fairly slow) machine (AMD K6/233) I don't even notice any
> slowdown at all when using themed KDE widgets. Themed GTK widgets
> redraw noticably and make my X server eat memory.

You have to differentiate between themed widgets and themed widgets that
use pixmaps. Themed widgets alone don't make much speed impact as they're
basically just another color or another font, or different spacing,
behavior, etc. Pixmapped themes are much slower (than non-pixmapped) but I
don't think this is different with KDE. I can understand that they eat
X-server memory as you have to store every pixmap inside the server.

Just for the record, with recent gtk+ and gtk-themes, I don't notice much
slowdown even with the "Pixmap" theme (which is the worst of all w.r.t.
this). Of course, I have a somewhat faster 'puter and I am biased on this
issue, but who isn't?

Maybe someone can shed some light on to what's the main problem with
pixmapped themes (in GTK).

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