[techtalk] System commander and Linux

aprilk aprilk at linuxstart.com
Sun Feb 6 18:45:43 EST 2000

Tania Morell <Tania-Maria at rocketmail.com> wrote:
>I've tried that too.
>LInux will boot fine as long as I forego system
>commander and use lilo instead. 
>On my pII, I have 2 scsi drives running win98 and one
>eide drive running linux.  If I make the IDE bootable,
>lilo will boot win98 and linux beautifully but if I
>make the scsi drives bootable and install sc on it,
>the farthest i can get when syscommander tries to run
>linux is "LI" instead of the normal "LILO:  " prompt
>and then it just hangs there.
I went and found the LILO docs on the net and for that
it says that it couldn't execute the second stage boot
loader. Possible problems being geometry mismatch or
the boot.b file moved without telling lilo.

>I've tried installing lilo on root and also in the
>mbr. I've tried installing linux while the scsi drives
>are visible to the ide drive and also tried without
>them being visible.  I've tried installing linux with
>the ide drive as master and also with it as slave... 
>etc etc.etc...  You name it, i've tried it..  
>I'm convinced that I'm not looking for a solution in
>the right place. Perhaps the drives themselves have
>nothing to do with it.  Maybe it's my method of
>installation... like some option i choose or
>something.  or my computer's bios.   I feel useless!  
>As it is, I'm happy using lilo.  It's simple, it
>works, but I am very bugged that I couldn't get SC to
>do the job.
>IF anyone has an off the wall idea, I'll try that too.

It could be either geometry or the file being in the wrong place.
I have no idea how to check geometry so can't help there.


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