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Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Sun Feb 6 11:05:56 EST 2000

Okay, so last night Ben and I bought an iBook.  (I couldn't resist.  It
was too cute.)  The screen resolution isn't wonderful, but it'sn not too
bad, either.  It has max of 800x600 since it's only got 4 MB video ram.
Anyway.  Y'all remember how I was having trouble convincing my Linux
firewalling box to talk to Ben's Mac, and vice versa?  Well, it's not
talking to the iBook either.  I made sure AppleTalk was off and it was
connecting through the ethernet port.  I gave it an IP, added it to
/etc/hosts, and even remembered to add it to the rc.firewall.  Still no
luck.  tcpdump when I ping it gives me 'arp whohas traveller tell sakura'
until I cancel the ping.  (I had to think of something, and Ben was still
in bed.  So it's not creative, and will likely change soonly.)  It doesn't
appear to have a ping utility itself, so I can't see what happens, though
I imagine it will sit there blankly and hear nothing.  Any ideas?  A local
Linux guru friend has said he'll come out here and see what he can do, so
I'll poke Ben into getting him out here.

Okay, question 2.  Are there NIC's with an ether in and ether out?  We're
probably going to be sucky wimps and get Road Runner when they bring it
(it's fast.  it frees up the phone line.  *shrug*), and I certainly don't
trust a cable company (or AOHell, for that matter) to have any security
set up. So I'm working on upgrading my old 486 to be a firewall.  (If
anyone has a 72-pin SIMM with 24 or more MB of RAM, I'd be interested in
purchasing it.)  So, cable modems (at least the ones I had in NY) have one
line that goes out and into the ethernet card.  When we hooked Ben's
computer up in NY over summer, we put the modem directly into the uplink
of the hub, since we were just getting 2 IP's and not masquerading or
firewalling.  So now we're planning to firewall (one hack a lifetime is
enough, thanks...) and have no idea if it's possible to plug the modem
directly into the ethernet card then plug it out from there and into a
hub, where it'll masquerade the other 2 or 3 machines hooked up to it.
(Yes, I know RR usually supports up to 3 IP's per modem, but I want a
little security, thanks.  And maybe more computers.)

I think that's it for now.


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