[techtalk] Su slow?

Sunnanvind dodsangel at himlen.com
Thu Feb 3 08:38:29 EST 2000

On Wed, 02 Feb 2000, Bad Mojo wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Sunnanvind wrote:
> > No, I hadn't -  I ran a top after I got this mail, and the processes looked
> > fine, but it says "6 users"... it usually says 3 or 5 users... I don't know
> > anything about this topic, really.
> > Sunnan
> I would examine your passwd file by hand. I prefer the gut instinct method
> of troubleshooting when looking for solutions to odd problems. Just out of
> curiosity, what is the load average when you do a su?

The load average that top shows was round 0,60 0,90 0,90 etc... 
the passwd file list a user that seems suspicious: "nobody".
Dumb as I am this was my first look ever in the passwd file, so I don't know if
that user should be there. I fear I've been subject to a trickery of
oddyseus/cyclops fame. How to remove?
I am you.

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