[techtalk] Need Notebook reccomendation

Linda Walsh law at sgi.com
Wed Feb 2 12:28:01 EST 2000

Oh -- another thing about Dell -- all or most of their upgrades -- flash
BIOS, DIAG's, are in ".EXE" format -- which means you need access to 
a Windoze machine to extract them to floppies.  Why they can't just
provide them in a tar'ed zip format as well, I dunno.

Right now, for example, I copied all 4 diag floppies -- but now when
trying to actually use them I discover floppy 4 is corrupt.  Of course
there is no way just to extract floppy 4 -- so I have to re-write
all 4 floppies.  

While I like the larger screen -- big and bright, and the performance
is satisfactory for a laptop (but don't believe the hype about it being
a Desktop replacement).  I don't know exactly what the HD is, but
it's about 4-8 times as slow as my Desktop's SCSI's and the "Mobile
Pentium-III" must have some diff because it doesn't execute as fast
as a regular 500 -- I've been told that the "Mobile Pentium-III" is
sorta like the Celeron version of the P-III.  It does have good 
battery life.  Been off of power for over 2 hours and it was only
down about 50%.  

(Hope that Dell person is taking notes...:-))


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