[techtalk] problems with Sendmail

Emma Natividad enatividad at eurocon.es
Wed Feb 2 10:52:39 EST 2000

I hopw someone can help me: I'm not very experienced in Linux and I'm 
taking in charge a Sendmail server. Lately I'm having always the same 
problem with users very often: a certain user cannot receive his mail, and 
when I try to login with this user, the message (last login.......you have 
mail, etc) appears for a second and then the prompt before logging comes 
back, and if I log in as root and make su username, I receive the following 
message: shel-init: could not get current directory. The only solution I 
find is renaming his var/spool/mail to keep the messages, remove the user 
and then create it again, and then it works normally but I would like to 
find out the problem...

Thanks in advance,


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