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T. E. Pickering tim at astro.rug.nl
Wed Feb 2 03:26:17 EST 2000

> >Is there something that changes latex or tex to postscript?  Can
> >someone post some tutorials for latex/tex as well?
> TeX (or LaTeX) generate .dvi files.  dvips generates postscript from
> dvi.  dvips is normally included in most TeX/LaTeX distributions.

dvips blah.dvi 

to send the stuff right to the default printer.

dvips -o blah.ps blah.dvi

to send the postscript to a file.  there is also pdflatex that creates 
a .pdf file in lieu of a .dvi.  i tend to use it more since today's
pdf viewers are a lot more advanced than, say, xdvi.  

as far as tutorials, i'd recommend either the lamport or kopka & daly
books (i use the latter one quite heavily).  there must be some
on-line stuff as well, but i don't have any URLs handy.


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