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Chris J/#6 chris at infinitum.prestel.co.uk
Tue Nov 30 23:55:56 EST 1999

> > But since this is techtalk, and since we seem to be discussing
> > etiquette, is there any real reason why Reply-To is set to the
> > list? There's an article detailing reasons why it can be a bad
> > idea at http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html 
> I have read the article at that link a couple of times now, and in the
> early days of LinuxChix I made the decision to leave the reply-to to the
> list because there were only a few of us here, and conversations kept
> drifting off the list into the nether-regions that are "offlist".

One thing I will note: the group reply the author of the page mentions in 
Elm, will group reply, yes. But it usually ends up giving the original author 
two copies (one direct, the other from the list). I've been on some lists 
where people weren't overly happy by this. One list in particular had most of 
the users keep posting reminders ("I'm on the list - no need to cc me").

I can get around the problem with my mailer (I use exmh 2.0.2) - I'll work 
out how to add a third option to look at the headers and potentially use the 
"Sender:" header, if I know I can trust it. It's not what the header is there 
for, I know, but if it minimises duplicates, I'll use it.

Most (all?) other mail programs will have Elm's behaviour. I myself do find 
it annoying...if you do a group reply to a reply that someone sent you where 
you were Cc'd from the list, then you'll get a duplicate of your own mail 
back on your machine (the list, and your Cc). Manually editing the headers is 
then the way to fix it.

There is no perfect solution though - it's one or the other. I'm raising this 
as a point of interest. I'll go along with whatever the final decision is 
though without a problem :)


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