[techtalk] Re: CDROM question

Alain Toussaint alain at cyber-horizons.com
Tue Nov 30 01:10:41 EST 1999

> On another subject, is there any reason why my Mitsumi FX240 should have any
> problems ripping digital audio from the discs? I get all kinds of ioctl
> errors reading from the device; I'm beginning to think that my cd-rom drive
> hates me (or at least hates digital extraction.)

umm...sometime ago,i wrote the linux ide-cd driver maintainer about problem
with my drive (Asus CD-S360 drive),basically,the 2.2.12 driver didn't worked
at all with it,he said some drive aren't very well supported (including
mine),so now,i use the atapi-scsi emulation driver and enable the scsi cdrom
support in the kernel,work fine for me (sidenote: i promised to ship him the
necessary amount of cash as soon as i get some,so he'll be able to buy the
Asus drive....might well include more cash so he enjoy a good beer while doing
his work !!!).

Alain Toussaint

p.s. search the lkml for an address finishing with @image.dk,i think his mail
addy is axboe at image.dk but i'm not sure,ask him about the status of your

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