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Deb Richardson deb at thepuffingroup.com
Tue Nov 30 00:13:24 EST 1999

Another cross-posting since this is relevant to all three lists...again,
apologies to folks who get this multiple times.

jenn at simegen.com wrote:

> I'm volunteering to start a FAQ for the lists. I won't necessarily start
> it right away, or post it right away.

Understandable :)  I'm hip-deep in it right now, as well.
> Deb, would it be possible for their to be a FAQ at linuxchix.org or similar
> mail address, routable to whomever is maintaining the FAQ at the time?
> Perhaps techtalk-FAQ, grrltalk-FAQ, etc, might be wiser - I can foresee
> the FAQs getting extensive enough to need to be split. :/

I will set up techtalk-faq@, issues-faq@, and grrltalk-faq@ addresses as
soon as I know which address(es) to which they should be forwarding.

Jenn: which list are you interested in working on?  Is there anyone else
interested in working on the others?  I think doing separate FAQs would
be appropriate now, actually, rather than splitting one into three

Questions that are universal to all lists could be maintained in a
"general" list FAQ as well, and included with each individual list FAQ.  
> Anyone have any other suggestions re FAQs?
> Anyone have a vote on whether it should be HTML & stored on the linuxchix
> site (if Deb is agreeable) or plaintext and regularly mailed (spammy)?

I have no problem storing an HTML copy on the site, and I think sending
a copy to the appropriate list once a month would be okay, too.  It's
not really spam so much as it is a preventative measure.  Overall it
should _cut down_ on the amount of email, because newcomers will be able
to easily get the answers they need.

Perhaps a semi-monthly posting would even be appropriate (?).

= deb

(thanks Jenn, for thinking of this :)

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