[techtalk] mail format (was re: ftp for non users)

Caitlyn M. Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Mon Nov 29 22:37:33 EST 1999


> > Excuse me but am I the only one having problems viewing the mails.  I use
> >Mutt and most emails I received are in HTML format.  Can something be
> >done (like we standardized on non-HTML emails) or is HTML emails the norm
> >here?
> >
> You are not the first to have complained of this.  I use Pine, and it
> doesn't like HTML mail either.  I can think of at least 3 or 4 people who
> have also mentioned this problem.  So, in a word, no, you aren;t the only
> one with problems reading some of the mails.

I've complained about it endlessly.  This is a *nix list, isn't it?  Yes, I'm
using Netscape to handle list mail, and the HTML mail is the main reason.
I prefer to use KMail, which handles multiple POP accounts.  The Linux version
of Netscape 4.x does not.  KMail does not handle HTML well at all, and as
Conni pointed out, neither do most text based mail clients, which many of the
*nix geeks I know prefer.

Many non-tecnhical lists I'm on prohibit HTML mail.  It takes more bandwidth
and is generally considered poor netiquette on lists.  Please, folks... plain
text, OK?  Every mail client can read and generate it, and nobody has to
struggle that way.


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