[techtalk] No HTML/RTF messages, please!

Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Mon Nov 29 20:34:02 EST 1999

jenn at simegen.com wrote:

> Steve Kudlak wrote:
> >
> > I am sorry I don't want to argue about these things. A Nifty thing you could tell
> > me is how to get NEtscape to turn plaintext into HTML, so I can respond to
> > friendship invitations. I thought it could and I double checked here and there
> > and nothing. A pointer would be helpful. NO! I wouldn't send you orange messages
> > unless you said: "Yes Go ahead!!!"
> How does it not being HTML prevent you from responding? 'reply' works just
> as well with plain text as with HTML!
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Let's forget it. I don't want to argue.


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