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Marlene E. Morley marlenem at neptune.css.swau.edu
Mon Nov 29 15:41:21 EST 1999

On 28 Nov 1999 Steve wrote:
>Ask first!! Then if person accepts, then send HTML. I can read it and I
>WANT IT!! This is especially important to friend invitations. I want
>HTML. Plain Text is a pain. Just ask first,  and if they say yes. Let's stop
>trying to force nettiqueete down people's throats!!! It is Hitler  like...It
>is not just to ask, and then send.

Steve, I have a question for you: Why is plain text a pain? Most mailers
will display it automatically, so you shouldn't have to switch modes or
anything. I use Pine ver 4.20 which does handle HTML, and even limited color,
and filters, and diffrent accounts, but not everyone does, and I remember
when I couldn't get HTML messages, and curse when I have to use an account
with a old Pine, and someone sends me HTML. 

Plain text isn't pretty, but everyone can read it and you know that your
message will look the same on the monitor of the person who recives it. 


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