[techtalk] mail format (was re: ftp for non users)

Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Sun Nov 28 09:54:15 EST 1999

Rino Mardo wrote:

> Agree.
> So what do we standardized on text-only formats?
> We have yet to hear the silent majority.
> On Sat, 27 Nov 1999, Kathleen Weaver wrote:
> > >People what do you say?  Shall we be more text-/console-friendly and
> > >standardized on text only emails.
> >
> > Standard netetiquette says that not only should text-only be sent to email lists, but also we should cut down on quoting.
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Well if that many people have trouble with html text, then well OK. Elsewise a few "htttp"s
 just spew strange characters to me, and I can read thru threw without much pain. But is is a real pain for some people. I knew
when someone got the latest and greatest and spewed it at me, well it did
get to be a pain. Quoting is good because things don't get lifted out of context without knowing what someone really said..SO I
feel worry about quoting is a little overblown.

I find it painful to go from two easily to follow rules: "Be nice, and be polite...to a whole bunch of things, about 50% of
which sounds silly called nettiquette. This is going too far in my opinion. Since this is a diverse group I try to keep things
to text only. All I have to do is look at the time zones scattered everywhere and I can guess.

What I dislike most about netequitte is that new rules which it is way too easy to trip over, seem to me get made up everyday.
So it is hard to run afoul of some new rule. Worse yet when one feels that the rule is a silly and petty thing. If someone
explains why this causes trouble, then that is the horse of a different color (American Slang: Something different, often used
to mean I understand).

It is hard for me to live in a highly rule bound environment. I was SO GLAD TO GET OUT OF AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL AND ITS RULE
BOOKS. So I go back and forth about bowing out totally and hanging around.It is just something I can not do. "Be kind, polite
and caring is good, and sometimes we all pop off. (American Slang: Speak without thinking it all through clearly.) To be called
CONSTANTLY on it is unkind and hurtful. It borders on meanness.

Same way with OFF-TOPIC,  a simple "uh....you are kind of drifting off topic...") is nice. Rather than "why did you bring that
up!!!"  It is the snarly reprisals that I find unkind., and sorry to say produce sort of snarly things from me. Which I should
curb. But that's my loonie ($1 dollar coin) , my thoughts on the subject.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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