[techtalk] Appletalk for Linux

Samantha Jo Moore sjmoore at TheTahoeGroup.com
Sat Nov 27 11:40:32 EST 1999

I have this customer for whom I intstalled netatalk (apple talk services).
He's running RedHat 6.1.

The problem I'm having is with the afpd.  Users at their Macs can see and
open the files, as long as they are not shared.  When a second user tries
to open the same database as another one they get an error saying that it
is locked (can't share it).

More info...  Doing this exact thing with an apple box serving the database
works fine, so the locking issue is not at the client level, it's gotta be
at the server level, the afpd.

Does anybody know how to configure this afpd in Linux to allow sharing of
files by clients?

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Samantha Jo Moore
sjmoore at thetahoegroup.com

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