[techtalk] ftp only shell for users...

Alain Toussaint alain at cyber-horizons.com
Sat Nov 27 03:25:36 EST 1999

> Couldn't you use hosts.deny to deny all telnet/ssh/etc access to the
> machine, then explicitely allow yourself or anyone else you'd like to have
> it through hosts.allow?

unfortunately,no one of the admin have a static ip (i'm currently fixing it
for me and my employer but the others admins are connecting from other domain
which i have no control).
> If no one is to get shell access on that machine, you could simply not
> load the telnet daemon if you have ready access to the machine's console.

i allready use ssh and i'm lobying to get it installed on my employer's
machine (she's using telnet for now since she's not on linux but F-secure is
on our to buy list).
> There are probably ways to get around the first situation, but the second
> is pretty strong. If the service isn't running, they can't connect to it.

agreed,telnet will be down ASAP (i.e.when F-secure get installed on my
employer's machine as well as on the machine of the business owner,the main
admin doesn't need one since he's running on slack and he's currently on

for the ftp problem,it's been fixed,i won't need to enable shell.

Thanks a lot (directed to everyone) for the help.

Alain Toussaint

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