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Laurel Fan lf25+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Nov 26 22:00:18 EST 1999

Excerpts from linuxchix: 26-Nov-99 [techtalk] Users and everyt.. by
Sunnanvind at himlen.com 
> I'm currently logging in as root, but I've been told 9 times that
> that's a bad idea. So how can I move all mail email settings,
> KDE desktop settings and so on to my recently added user (myself)?
> Thanks in advance, Sunnan.

1. copy your config files from /root to /home/myself.

(To look for config files do an "ls -a". Most of your config files will
look like .<program> or .<program>rc, or be in a .<program> directory.
(such as the .elm directory for elm, .cshrc for csh, etc.))

You could use cp to do them one by one, but this may take a while.

You could also tar up your /root dir and untar it into /home/myself. 
However, this will do all of them, which you may not want.

2. chown them all to myself.

chown means "change owner".  You basically want to do:

chown myself <file>

as root.  This may not get the groups exactly right, but that doesn't
really matter now.  Read the manpage if you want to get the groups right.

3.  If necessary, fix stuff that has user-specific things in the config files.

You will want to read the manpages for these anyway (man cp; man tar;
man chown), or the info pages if you have the gnu versions of above
(info cp; info tar; info chown).

Let me know if the above didn't make sense... 

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