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Kathleen Weaver kathleen at augustmail.com
Thu Nov 25 01:05:54 EST 1999

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On 11/24/99 at 8:29 PM Nicole Zimmerman wrote:

>Kathleen Weaver wrote:
>> On the other hand, the mailer I'm using now, Calypso, not only allows multiple mailboxes, but multiple accounts in mailboxes.  I sure wish they would write a Linux version -- the good news, is that one of MCS products is available in a Linux version.
>Interesting, is it shareware? freeware? buy-me-ware? Do they have a

Buy me ware -- 30 days you get the full version, and it is VERY VERY good.  http://www.mcsdallas.com  It even does HTML <blech> this days.

>A good non-linux mailer is hard to come by. Netscape, though adequate,
>could be much better. 
>> I want to store all incoming mail on my Linux box until I can get to it, so I can look at it from there, rather than the respective servers.  It's probably a dumb thing to do but it sounds good.
>Not dumb, a good idea... saves you time in the long run. Sounds like
>fetchmail would be very useful :o)

Yeah, I could probably put each account in a different folder, then use pop to get it.  I'm going do some research since I've got a light load this weekend.

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