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Ian Hall-Beyer manuka at nerdherd.net
Wed Nov 24 09:35:23 EST 1999

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999 01:53:47 +0100, T. E. Pickering wrote:

>> 1.  In relation to the discussion before about the swap directory and
>> Netscape and StarOffice.    

Note here that we're talking about what are probably the two most
abusive applications for unix, resource-wise. 

We were contemplating moving over to StarOffice at work, until we saw
how much CPU an idle instance on the Enterprise 3500 took (3-4%..
multiply that by 50 users, and the problem becomes very evident, and
that's only StarOffice). Not being prepared to invest significantly in
our infrastructure (well into 5 figures, without breaking a sweat) to
be able to run free software, we stuck with MS Office. I now see why
Sun was so excited about buying it, it will definitely help them sell

And yes, we actually have IE installed on one of the Sun servers.
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