[techtalk] X, GNOME, and xpm.h

Cathy James cjames at opensite.com
Mon Nov 22 08:23:43 EST 1999

	First, my thanks to the person who told me
about the framebuffer drivers.  After rebuilding
my kernel with framebuffer drivers active and
installing XF68_FBDev, I have a perfect 1024x768x65K
screen.  The refresh rate is slow enough that
I had to turn off refresh-while-moving-windows,
but everything is working fine.

	Second, I am now attempting to install
GNOME.  KDE is the default install, and it
works fine on Caldera 2.2, but I want to have
both environments installed.

	The rpm's supposedly supplied for Caldera
won't install; they give messages like "requires
glibc 2.1".  Of course, glibc2.1 *is* installed.
My guess is that glibc was not installed from an
rpm, and therefore the rpm database doesn't know
about it.

	I am doing an end run around this problem
by compiling the source packages.  After much
fiddling, I have most of the low-level packages
built and installed.  (zlib, jpeg, libpng, libhttp,
libglade, etc, etc).  There are still a couple of
problems in the way.

	The big one is that the gnome libs 1.0.53
won't compile, because they cannot find a file
called "xpm.h".  I have done a find on the entire
drive, and this file does not exist.  Gnome expects
it to be in the X11 directory.  What package should
I download and build to get this file?

	Second, although the configure script
picked up libpng after its installation, it still
thinks I don't have jpeg installed and wants to
compile GNOME without jpeg support.  How do I
fix this?

	My thanks again to all who have helped.

	--Cathy James

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