[techtalk] Install from floppies

Amanda Owens amowens at radonc.duke.edu
Thu Nov 18 08:48:31 EST 1999

If I remember correctly, Slackware also actually still distributes its 
downloads in a floppy-esque manner. I know that for the last (pre-7.0) 
distribution, my husband spent hours downloading disks.

Checking out metalab's ftp site 
it looks like the a- series and n- series are indeed broken to fit on 
floppies. And I *think* that those are basically all you need to 
install the basic system with networking - you should be able to then 
download the rest of the packages and install them without any real problems.


On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, J B wrote:

> Have been following the thread on splitting files to floppy.  Would this 
> work to split the installation files?  Or, is there a specific way to create 
> floppy disks to do an install on a machine wihtout a CD-Rom?  I have an old 
> 486 that I am considering setting up, and it does not have a CD, and I see 
> no reason to install one just to put an operating system on it.  Once I get 
> it up and running it will be networked to my other machines, so installing 
> other software is irrelevant.
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