muLinux (was: [techtalk] Install from floppies)

Karl-Heinz Zimmer khz at
Thu Nov 18 07:07:29 EST 1999

Am 11/18/99, 1:49:54 AM, schrieb Wendy_Winslow at

> Check out

The ''muLinux'' homepage has moved to another (faster!) place
recently, please have a look at the brandnew 7.1 release:

By booting muLinux you should easily be able to contact another
PC in the same LAN or contact a machine via FTP and install
your distri from there.

e.g. Debian let you install via FTP (and i think other distris
work similiar).

Greetings from Hamburg,


- dedicated muLinux Fanatic -   :-)

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