[techtalk] Tar file splitting

Vinnie Chassot drachen at george.he.net
Wed Nov 17 11:36:04 EST 1999

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Xavier Gutierrez Munoz wrote:

> Sorry for asking such a newbie's question but I don't know how to split a
> tar file to fit a set of floppies. I just want to get my october's read
> mail out of the server via ftp but I want to pack and compress it before I
> do that.

-M creates multi-volume tar files, so chances are you could use that..I
know I've done it (with floppies, very much like arjing, if you remember
those long ago ms-dos days :) ) but I don't remember the exact command

I guess split would work, but I"m not sure that it would work after
compressing (a tar file of ascii files is mostly ascii [completely? I
don't actually know the file format standard, this is just what i"ve
noticed poking around], but a gzip file is very binary and I assume a
compress'd one is too, and I"m not sure if I"d use the split/cat combo
with a binary...split/mv might work okay....) 


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