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coder coderman at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 17 05:28:42 EST 1999

No problem, we only charge $5 for newbie questionz  ;)

you could use split.  man split for more detailz (of course)


split -b 1024k big_file.tar little_file_prefix

If you big file was 10 meg, then 10 little files with the prefix of
'little_file_prefix' would be generated.  The sequence at the end of the
prefix designates the order of each 1 megabyte block when reassmebling.

To peice back together, simply cat each peice into the previous one
using the append >>.


cat foo_aa >> foo.tar;
cat foo_ab >> foo.tar;
cat foo_ac >> foo.tar;

ad infinitum.  Obviously a script to do this would be usefull, however I
dont have one at my disposal, and writing code after 4am violates some
law of nature...  ;)

hope this helps.

Xavier Gutierrez Munoz wrote:
> Sorry for asking such a newbie's question but I don't know how to split a
> tar file to fit a set of floppies. I just want to get my october's read
> mail out of the server via ftp but I want to pack and compress it before I
> do that.
> Alternative is downloading it and compressing later using WINZIP
> (aaaargh!). This is 'cuz I connect to my server (Debian Linux) from
> Faculty (Windows 98).
> Thanx in Advance.
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