[techtalk] a really dumb "make" question

Tamara Thompson thompson at gate.sunquest.com
Mon Nov 15 17:53:18 EST 1999

Where is make on your box?  in /usr/bin?  Is /usr/bin in your path?  (echo $PATH or printenv)

While it's a topic, ...I just configured, make'd, and make install'd gcc 2.95.2.  No errors, once I'd installed the GNU make instead of the one I was using here.  But now if I type gcc, I get a 'cannot execute'. 

I was expecting to find a 'gcc' somewhere, instead there are directories named gcc, and all sorts of gcc related files, but can't locate 'gcc' .  


>>> Julie Meloni <jcm at i2ii.com> 11/15 4:23 PM >>>
Ok, I've wracked my brain and now I'm just tired.

I have compilers out the wazoo, BUT why does "make" (anything) return
command not found?  Issuing individual gcc commands on *.c files works.

(slack 4.0)

I can't possibly be this much of a dork....can I? :)



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