[techtalk] StarOffice and Gnome installation issues

jenn at simegen.com jenn at simegen.com
Tue Nov 16 00:45:32 EST 1999

Caitlyn Martin wrote:

> > Are you just teasing me or are you really using Netscape and
> > StarOffice on your P90 with 40 MB simultaneously?
> Really and truly, as in cutting and pasting between them.  The machine in
> question is a Toshiba Portégé 610CT running Red Hat Linux 6.0 and KDE 1.1.1.

64 MB, with  Netscape, Staroffice, Jpilot, tinyfugue and other incidental 
stuff running. (over Debian/Gnome/Enlightenment)

It can be done. I didn't think it was a feat.

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