[techtalk] StarOffice and Gnome installation issues

Karl-Heinz Zimmer khz at snafu.de
Mon Nov 15 22:33:55 EST 1999

> > My PC here at home has got no more than 104MB RAM and
> > StarOffice runs very fine from under Windowmaker or KDE resp..

> It runs on my old laptop, a P90 with 40 MB of RAM, with KDE/kwm.
> It is quite slow loading or starting an app, but otherwise runs
> fine.

I didn't think it's possible to use StarOffice with 40 MB of RAM.

> I've used it simultaneously with Netscape in the above
> environment.  It still works.


Are you just teasing me or are you really using Netscape and
StarOffice on your P90 with 40 MB simultaneously?
I will have to tell my colleagues about that, maybe we should
contact you officially for asking if you would like to work for
us: as Tuning Specialist!  ;-)

My own little P100 here was sometimes quite overloaded when it
had only 72 MB so i never tried to run those two programs at the
same time.

> I prefer WordPerfect 8 for a word processor, and it is *much*
> faster,

( I don't like distri wars nor program wars so let me just say
  reply that i prefer our Writer because i am used to it and i
  see many benefits by using the Navigator and the Stylist.
  It might be that i'ld love Wordperfect if i were used to it. )

> but I still haven't found a better spreadsheet for Linux.

:-)   Nice to hear *that*!

Best greetings,

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