[techtalk] bind problem...and a sendmail one, too

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Sun Nov 14 18:56:34 EST 1999

Laurel Fan wrote:

> Tried strings-ing it? anything interesting there?

here's some strings /tmp/ns stuff

%s %s %s
UFC-crypt, patchlevel 1e, @(#)patchlevel.h
1.13 9/10/96
lots of things about gconv (/usr/lib/gconv),
days of the week, months of the year, alert, backspace, newline,
vertical-tab, form-feed, carriage-return, space, exclamation-mark,
quotation-mark, <more similar special keys/characters>
several errors like "wrong medium type", "remote I/O error", "is a named
type file", "network is down", "cannot assign requested address",
"address already in use", "address family not supported by protocol"

mention of: mbrtowc.c, wcrtomb.c, wcsrtombs.c, /proc/self/exe

find library=
cannot open shared object file
 search cache=

several elf errors
mention of: dynamic-link.h, dl-deps.c, dl-version.c, dl-runtime.c

and then a /dev/null near the end traceroutes to... 
15  cr354685-a.crdva1.bc.wave.home.com ( to...
argh it won't trace... stops at 10
but traces to 
9  adsl-63-192-1-1.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net (
and traces to
9  adsl-63-192-202-1.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net (

so... it is likely adsl-63-192-202-250.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net

(not that that may mean anything, but IPs are the first thing that came
to mind there...)

> When was that ns thing get put there? When did it start getting run by
> cron? When did it start erroring.

see below

> I don't think it's necessarily bind/named.  There is a function called
> bind which binds a socket to an address,  and it looks like it's
> erroring since its trying to bind an address aready in use.  generally,
> when I write a program, i put the function name in the error message
> rather than the executable name, since I assume that you know what
> program you're running.

ahhh (light bulb goes on)

I understand a leetle better now. Shouldn't have listened to hubby when
he told me I was man-ing the wrong bind ;o)

> For a temporary fix, you can probably mv or rm the /tmp/ns an cron
> file.. and kill it if any is running. What I would try is playing with
> /tmp/ns to see what it does (strings, strace, looking at who put it
> there and when, etc).  Personally, i'd be pretty suspicious of it,
> especially if i had no idea how it got there, though running it one more
> time probably wouldn't hurt if it's already been run 12,000 times...

i do have NO idea how it got there... but it was root created

it was created on the 3rd (i was off by a day in earlier estimation),
which is when the errors started:

[root at ghettoBOX run]# ls -l /tmp/ns
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root       305688 Nov  3 17:34 /tmp/ns*

same with /tmp/cron:

[root at ghettoBOX run]# ls -l /tmp/cron
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root           24 Nov  3 17:34 /tmp/cron

> You could try finding the real pid for sendmail with ps, then either HUP
> it (and fix its pidfile) or kill and restart it.

tried looking in ps aux and there is no sendmail there :o) 

i believe i will nix or move the /tmp/ns and /tmp/cron files... i have
no idea what they are supposed to do, but i do not trust them


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