[techtalk] bind problem...and a sendmail one, too

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Sun Nov 14 15:19:17 EST 1999

I don't know what bind's problem is, but here's what I have on it:

Every one minute, cron runs a job in /tmp (/tmp/ns, the cron listing for
this job is also in /tmp). Every one minute after cron is unsuccessful,
it sends an e-mail to root saying: 
	bind: Address already in use
/tmp/ns is a binary executable, so I have no idea.

I have HUP-ed bind (named) to restart it, but that didn't fix the
problem. I tried to get some debug info by sending a USR1, it worked the
first time but after I tried to increase the debug level, it stopped
writing to the named.run file (in /var/named/). 

I had it dump it's stats, memstats, and database, but I can't seem to
decipher WHAT address "is already in use". 

I have never changed my named.conf or my named.local (they say they were
written some day in June, which corresponds to when we moved to RH6.0
from 5.2). It has been having problems since November 2nd. I upgraded
eggdrop on October 30th, but I cannot think of any other software I
installed/upgraded around that time.

I have no other cron-constant jobs, just this one... it's obviously bind
(as named) and the "ns" file is probably cryptic for nameserver. I
didn't even KNOW cron looked around to find other cron jobs... I thought
they all had to be in the crontab (redirecting to cron-constant,
cron-hourly, etc).

I wish to fix this problem, I don't want to have to delete 12,000 emails
from root's mailbox again ;o)

sendmail's story:
I need to HUP sendmail (linuxconf decided it'd be fun to write a new
sendmail.conf thus ending virtual domains for mail), but the pid in
/var/run/sendmail.pid  doesn't seem to work: 

[root at ghettoBOX run]# kill -HUP 540
kill: (540) - No such pid

We were thinking maybe sendmail got restarted on it's own, but I believe
it would write a new PID to that file either way. This PID was written
october 20th (when last I rebooted).

I'd like to fix sendmail, without it we are having email problems ;o)

I am thinking these problems may be fixed with a reboot, but that fix
seems so windows-y... I'd rather FIX the problem than be perplexed as to
what it was in the first place and just say "oh well".

Today's comment from the DH: "wow you're going to know more about unix
than me... wait you probably already do." ;o)


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