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Pete St. Onge pete at seul.org
Sun Nov 14 16:04:03 EST 1999

Stephan -
    Just to follow up on Walt and Nils, I found out that if you want to
'bundle' a lot of different encapsulated postscript files into one PDF
file, you can actually concatenate them together into one 'super eps'
file, and then run ps2pdf on that file. Voila, instant completed
document :)

     I happened across this quite by accident, as I wanted to see if I
could bundle postscript files I generated from a bunch of different
programs into a single file, mostly to make it easier to print. I put
the results up at http://www.openface.ca/~pete and I'm quite pleased
with the results.

     Hope this helps,


Pete St. Onge
pete at seul.org

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