[techtalk] StarOffice and Gnome installation issues

LeeAnn Bevell leeann_bevell at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 12 23:05:45 EST 1999

Cathy said:

>        I installed StarOffice on my Sun box at work
>(successfully) and attempted to install it on my Caldera 2.2
>box at home (unsuccessfully).
>        Has anyone else had problems installing StarOffice?
>I'm wondering if it is due to a glibc2.0 vs glibc2.1
>conflict.  My machine has glic2.1 installed.

I'm also trying to install StarOffice.  According
to the README file in the tar file, it seems that both
Caldera2.2 (yours) and RedHat5.2 (mine) should have
the needed libraries.  It says:

StarOffice uses the new glibc2 ( = libc6 ) in the 2.0.7 Version as well as 
the Linux Kernel Threads. Please check if your Linux
system contains the appropiate libraries:

   ls -l /lib/ld-linux.so.2
   ls -l /lib/libc-2.*.so

The 'gldrinst force' mentioned in the following table is a command which can 
be executed within the installation script soprep.
  Further information about installing glibc with soprep can be found below.

Linux         |   Based on       |  Installation of      |  'gldrinst force'
Distribution  |                  |  Glibc required       |   required
RedHat 6.0    |   glibc          |   No                  |   No
RedHat 5.1    |   glibc          |   No                  |   No
RedHat 5.2    |   glibc          |   No                  |   No
Delix DLD 6.0 |   glibc          |   No                  |   No
Debian 2.0    |   glibc          |   No                  |   No
Debian 1.3    |   libc5          |   Yes                 |   Yes
Caldera 2.2   |   glibc          |   No                  |   No

>        Symptom:  Everything in the setup program runs
>fine until the window that says "Enter install type"
>or something similar.  Instead of putting up buttons
>for minimum, normal, and custom, the whole display
>window freezes.  Minimizing it and re-opening it results
>in a black window.  Nothing more happens until the
>setup process is killed with ctrl-C from the shell
>where I started it.  Using the "kill" command is
>not necessary.

My problem is somewhat different from yours.  My installation
apparently works, but when I run it, the windows update so
slowly that it is unusable.  (The windows in the installation
program also updated slowly - at one point I got a black screen
also, but it eventually updated the window and continued.)
I was wondering if StarOffice was having a problem communicating
with X windows, but I don't really know enough to go about
finding out.
If you figure it out, please let me know.
Any suggestions much appreciated.


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