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jenn at simegen.com jenn at simegen.com
Fri Nov 12 04:09:26 EST 1999

Stephan Zaniolo wrote:

>         I read through the GPL and at the end it says that GPLed programs are not
> allowed to be incorporated into proprietary systems.  I was planning on
> publishing an API for this system that others could use in proprietary
> software.  (Note: no code from the system would/should be used in the
> proprietary system, just method/function calls)  Is this in violation of
> the GPL?

Um. How do you simultaneously use function calls to a piece of code and
not use that code?

Code libraries /are/ code.

OTOH, I don't /think/ there's a problem with the author of GPLed software
releasing both a GPL and a nonGPL version - but THAT one should be checked
with the lawyers!

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