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Marlene E. Morley marlenem at
Thu Nov 11 17:19:04 EST 1999

On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, K. Ziel wrote:
>this is great! I want to go to fvwm (environment i used in school) because it
>seemed so much more slick, and less bogged down....

I just gotta throw in my .02 cents on the wm issue... I know this is a Holy
War just like the distribution preferences, but my personal wm of choice is
Blackbox. It's small, like < 3 meg download, takes up only 1.7% of my memory,
loads fast, etc... The low overhead makes X seem fast on a 486 sx that I used
it on, and //screams// on anything faster. 

With this as my wm, I'm able to run several copies of Netscape windows open
for several weeks/months before restarting Netscape. I'm freguently running
X, about 6 VCs, playing MP3s, on ICQ, gimp with about 5 or 6 large graphics
open and various other programs running at once with no noticable
slowdown. (Unless I want to compile my kernel. :) (My config: P133, with 32
megs RAM, and 64 megs swap)

Look for it on freshmeat. I highly reccomend it. 


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