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Caitlyn Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Thu Nov 11 12:43:57 EST 1999


> StarOffice's Excel importers work better than Corel Quattro Pro's
> even. I checked it out under Windows (since I have a full version of Corel
> WordPerfect Suite for Windows

I must admit that the filters are what impress me most about Star Office.
My main complaint about it is that it is a bit slow and quite bloated.   I
use StarCalc as my main speadsheet.  I've tried Siag, Wingz, and Gnumeric,
and none have impressed me.  5.1a also has a really good PowerPoint filter
if you have to deal with presentations.

I still prefer WordPerfect 8 for my word processing, and haven't found the
screen rendering of fonts to be that awful.  It's fast and has, IMHO, a
slightly better feature set.  The multilingual support is much better, since
you aren't limited to three language modules.  I have the shrink wrapped
version with the font installer, and have added about 700 Type 1 fonts to
it.  The fonts that come with the download version, IMHO, stink, and without
the font installer, you can't add any.

Just another two shekels worth...


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