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Norma narmstr at netzero.net
Wed Nov 10 16:24:16 EST 1999

You can try out StarOffice at http://www.sun.com . I like it, I even use it
under Windows (even though I have Word Perfect). I'm happy I can use any
font I want with it under Linux.

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> Hello.
> Does anyone out there have an opinion on Applixware?  I am on the hunt for
> better wordprocessing software for Linux.  Currently, I have Corel
> WordPerfect, but it renders the fonts in such an ugly way on screen that
> I find it difficult to work with (they print out just fine, though).  I
> need to be able to exchange documents with my fellow law school students
> who use MS stuff, so I need something that can read MS formats (Applixware
> claims it does).  Any advice?  I'm a little disappointed that one can't
> seem to get *just* Applix Words, because I don't need the other stuff in
> their office suite.
> Suggestions?  Comments?
> Ingrid
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