[techtalk] netscape woes

TheCoder coderman at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 9 15:11:12 EST 1999

Leave netscape running for a few days.  Not even doing anything and
watch the mem usage.  Its got memory leaks.  sometimes bad.  The only
way around this (AFAIK) is to stop it periodically.

I am hoping the linux port of Opera comes out soon.  Mozilla just isnt
quite there yet...

Shahla Bright wrote:

> I'm using Rh 6.0 with Gnome/Enlightenment on an i686
> with 130 megs of RAM. I need multiple browser windows
> open most of the day, and I'm using Navigator 4.7 with
> strong encryption. I've disabled Java. most of the
> sites I use are fairly barebones, and I don't load
> images until I need them, but it's still a constant
> hair-puller. Periodically I'll hear the rumble of
> frantic disk access, the entire GUI will switch to
> geological time, and I'll have to switch machines,
> telnet in, kill all my netscape processes remotely,
> and start over. It's getting ridiculous.
> Can anyone suggest advice or diagnostic tricks? Should
> I ditch Gnome/Enlightenment? Go back to an older
> Netscape?
> thanks,
> sha
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