[techtalk] swtiching rhat drives . . .

Walt pippin at mail.fred.net
Tue Nov 9 12:58:31 EST 1999

Thank you all! :-)

I know am completely unsure of what to do! (jk!)

Actually, I can't do anything until the 18 gb drive I ordered
arrives in a day or two. 

I'll let you know how it goes!



At 11:28 AM 11/9/99 -0500, Jeff Dike wrote:
>> I always wonder why people use tar beasts if they have the wonderful
>> GNU cp?
>Because cp will completely foul up device files.  Try copying /dev/mem from 
>one place to another.  You won't like the results :-)
>> Lean back and enjoy the show... I think this alternative is far less
>> error prone, because people have less to type and actually understand
>> what they do.
>And in all of the normal output, there might be an error that you will 
>completely miss.  I like things that shut up unless they have something to
>that I really need to know about.

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