[techtalk] Parallel port mode

Naomi Hospodarsky naomi-hospodarsky at uiowa.edu
Tue Nov 9 09:27:33 EST 1999

>         Let me add to that my own plea; could someone
>explain what all these parallel port modes mean?  SPP
>and ECP and...
EPP/ECP (Enhanced Parallel Port/Enhanced Capability Port) is a standard 
method for bi-directional parallel communication between a computer and 
peripheral devices that offers the potential for much higher rates of data 
transfer than the original parallel methods. EPP is for non-printer 
peripherals. ECP is for printers and scanners. EPP/ECP are part of IEEE 
Standard 1284, which also specifies support for current signaling methods 
so that both old and new peripherals can be accommodated.
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