[techtalk] Partitioning with fdisk

Robert robert at robert.cz
Mon Nov 8 19:32:15 EST 1999

Darren Osadchuk wrote:

> I recently purchased a new HD with the express intent of
> (re)installing Linux. It's a 13 GB drive ...

As I have just responded to other mail:

> a) I spent whole day repartioning my 10GB disk with Partition
> Magic with all sorts of funny errors before I discovered version 3
> doesn't handle correctly over 8G. Make sure it's version 4 you got.

What you describe is exactly what I experienced month ago.
You need FAT32X partition type support for disks over 8GB, which
you don't get with fdisk for the reasons I don't understand (insert
some MS bashing here). Get PM 4.

- Robert

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