[techtalk] kmail issue...can't send ..ARG!

Kristin Ziel zoop at scc.net
Sun Nov 7 13:07:13 EST 1999

Hi all--

My question first, and then some extraneous stuff..

I'm running kmail 1.0.20 and one day (a coupla months ago) I noticed this
problem...it suddenly started not sending mail.  It *looks* like the mail
is being sent..copy going into setmail directory, etc.  but it really
never goes anywhere. 

I was trying to figure  out how to get exmh going (masquerading my ISP)
but that wasn't getting anywhere...but I believe i have changed everything
back to the way it was (after discovering this kmail issue) and still
kmail is not working properly.  

I'd really *rather* get exmh working properly, as I think there are ton
more nifty things with that client..but i'd settle to get this kmail issue
resolved in the shortrun.

Any inputs and suggestions appreciated greatly!

As far as extraneous stuff goes...I just want to mention that I am new to
the list, and after reading through all the techtalk archives, I know that
I have found where I belong... <GRIN>

over and out

techtalk at linuxchix.org   http://www.linuxchix.org

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