[techtalk] Gimp, Gimp Users, Deevelpers and the like...

Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Mon Nov 1 14:47:51 EST 1999

As I notice that the political arguments in grrltalk or issues just get
more and more convuted with sopmetimes my less than asture help. Well I
have begun to burn out of it. I like the the LINUX stuff on techtalk.

One thing I notice that is sort of misssing is GIMP there are several
groups and mailing lists ddvoted to it. I have not reeceived veey much
from the any of them, except a little from the plug in registy..Are
there people who want to start a gimp discusssion group or if it would
coulollide here in techtalk, mentione GIMP techniquews and show off near
pcitures. Pleus cute tricks we hab=ve learned, SOmrething in addition to
the already nice GUM (Gimp USers Manual). I seldom see anyt GIMP
material on may mailmg list. If someone can point me to the rifht one
I'd loove it.

NOTE WELL:  I have gone arond subscringing to GIMP LIST Aafter GIMP LIST
and I see little mail or infro. I am on the artists, users, win-userds,
edelopers list and I see almost nothing. AM I missing something? I would
certainly be wi;lling to dstsrt on help stsrt one ruin mini-tjomh imdret
here Deb samd froiednd willing/

I would seem more worthwhile than endless disssucisions on "issues"
which which I fear witll never get anything done and just add to thw
wordls supply of pissed off people. OI already count to 10 amd at least
5.Just the old usenet arguments.

Otherwise techtalk and soemtiems grrltalk produces something
useful,.....I am hopimg....So any suggestions would be cheerlfully

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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