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Wed Dec 29 21:24:49 EST 1999

sara korhonen wrote:
> ok, so this is one the REAL rtfm-questions, but after i rtfmed and rtfmed
> and dind't figue out, i gave up and decided to ask, whether anyone here
> knows how to get Eterm, to have a background color at the same time when
> it's transparent? meaning that the background color would also be somewhat
> transparent. argh, this is hard to explain, but i hope someone understood
> what i was looking for. anyone?

I think this is the option your looking for:  

       --tint mask
              Tints the background pixmap (either an  image  file
              or  the  transparent  portion  can be shaded).  The
              mask is an integer, usually specified in  hexadeci­
              mal in the form  0xRRGGBB, where RR, GG, and BB are
              hexadecimal numbers between 00 and ff  (0  and  255
              decimal)  which  represent  the  brightness  of the
              image's red, green, and blue values,  respectively.
              A  value  of  00 will mask that color out entirely,
              while a value of ff will not change that  color  at
              all.  Some common tints are:
                 none      0xffffff
                 red       0xff8080
                 green     0x80ff80
                 blue      0x8080ff
                 cyan      0x80ffff
                 magenta   0xff80ff
                 yellow    0xffff80

If your version of Eterm does not support --tint then your out of luck.

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