[techtalk] Soundcard

Catie Flick liedra at tig.com.au
Wed Dec 29 20:34:52 EST 1999

On 28 Dec, Theresa Radke stumbled around in the dark a bit, turned on the light and wrote:
> Hi!!
> This is my soundcard, and while I don't have a solution for your issue, 
> I am wondering how you get mp3's to play at all??  I have the 2.2.13 kernel, 
> with cmpci as a module and installed, I get system sounds, but all mp3 
> players seize up when I attempt to play them...

Well, I basically discovered a patch for the 2.2.* kernel (I assume you
found it too... I have version 1.6 - try http://www.cmedia.com.tw/e_dload1.htm), 
and for me, the only mp3 player that seems to work (although it seems to
be a little unstable sometimes) is mpg123 - I use a gqmpeg interface for
my desktop :)

Perhaps the patch hasn't been installed correctly - I know it took a
little fiddling (still can't get even wav players or mod players to
work, and the midi module is just a write-off)...

I think I'll be splurging and getting a new motherboard :) Does anyone
know anything about the Abit BH-6 ones (for a PIII 450)?


 - Catie


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